Baltimore GiveCamp Mission

To connect willing professional and technical volunteers to nonprofit organizations for the purpose of making community outreach visions become a reality while providing an enjoyable and meaningful experience for all involved.

Making a Difference in Maryland.

Baltimore GiveCamp has contributed over $1 Million of volunteered services to the Maryland Nonprofit Community.


It is with great disappointment, sadness and regret that we have had to cancel the Baltimore GiveCamp 2014 events.

This decision does not come lightly or without great consideration. We have had a significant delay this year in starting our normal process and it has had an organizational impact. We are a volunteer run organization and the burden of making sure that Baltimore GiveCamp 2014 events are accurately, efficiently and logically done has become too large to recover from in the short time allotted.

I know that you share in our disappointment. We are fully committed to helping nonprofit organizations and connecting the skills of willing volunteers with them to make their dreams become a reality. However, we have to be realistic and not do it improperly or poorly this year or any year. We believe this is the best choice and the best time to take this action.

We look forward to everyone being involved actively, early and well prepared next year and we do hope you will join us then.

We have waiting lists open for those that want to register. (NOTE: if you registered this year, you are automatically on the waitlist for next year)

Randy Hayes - President - Baltimore GiveCamp