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What is Baltimore GiveCamp to a Volunteer?

Baltimore GiveCamp (BGC) is an organization of top technology individuals and volunteers who all donate their time and skill to help Maryland Area Nonprofit organizations make dreams become a reality through custom development efforts. It's an organization where you can put your services to use to help these nonprofit organizations achieve their community outreach missions. With over 200 developers, web designers, database developers, graphics designers, social media experts, marketing professionals, logistics volunteers and more, BGC reaches over 30 nonprofit organizations each year and has provided over $1 million in donated services since 2011.

Find Your Place at Baltimore GiveCamp

Calling all - Developers, Designers, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Technical Leaders, DBA's, Graphics Designers, Social Media Specialists, QA Testers, Mobile Developers, Logistics Helpers, Organizers, and More.

You know your put them to use for a good cause and make a difference in your community.

Technical Volunteers

BGC has a need for many technical volunteers as well as non-technical professional volunteers. GiveCamp is language and technology agnostic, and although a familiarity with certain technologies is useful for many of the projects, it is not a requirement.

Baltimore GiveCamp has many technical volunteer roles to be filled. Some of them are as follows:

  • Developers
  • Mobile Developers
  • Technical Team Leaders
  • Graphic Designers
  • Database Developers
  • Database Administrators
  • and more...

Non-Technical and Professional Volunteers

WE NEED YOU TOO! We are looking for people to help with all aspects of Project Management, Business Analysis, Organization, Logistics, Registration, CampKids, and many more opportunities. For many that are in professional roles as analysts or managers, we are looking for your help. For many that just want to lend a hand and make this a success, we are looking for you too! There are many roles to fill and you can make a huge difference in the community by lending your time to this effort.

BGC has many professional and non-technical volunteer and roles to be filled. Some of them are as follows:

  • Business Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Social Media Advisors
  • Document Specialists
  • Logistics Volunteers
  • CampKids Volunteers
  • and more...

How to Get Involved and What to Expect

"Make a difference" by first discovering how you can help. Determine the level of participation that you would like to contribute. BGC is a great experience and you will get out of it what you feel you can put into it. Some of the roles at BGC can have secondary roles available. If you would like to help out in additional ways beyond your primary role, you can elect to do so during registration by choosing a secondary role. The primary and secondary roles are designed not to overlap, so there should be minimal impact on your primary role if you choose a secondary.

Our team works for months prior to the BGC Weekend event getting to know project needs, assigning technical team leaders, matching volunteers to teams, and generally planning the whole event. This allows us to connect the right people to the right roles.

Depending on your role (or roles), you may have different expectations. But in general, BGC is an organization where you spend as much time as you are able to devote to the effort. As much as you can or as little as you have will all be beneficial to the overall success of the projects.

BGC is a volunteer based organization. Volunteers are only expected to be devoted to the effort at hand and the times allocated (with the exception of some analysts and lead roles that may need additional time in between events). Thus - we "Camp-n-Go". There is no continued development or support by the volunteers expected beyond the BGC weekend. However, we highly encourage you to get to know your nonprofit representatives well and you might just find a conviction in your heart to help them in the future.

Once BGC Weekend is complete, we trust that you will have made an impact on your community. We also trust that you will have created new relationships with people that share your interests, passions, and convictions.

Since BGC encompasses multiple events as well as the actual BGC weekend, decide where you will be most beneficial or just simply want to be a part.

Know the Baltimore GiveCamp Process

At BGC we build a volunteer team around each project. A team is made up of a Project Manager, Business Analyst, Technical Team Leader, and any number of developers, designers or other technical or professional members needed to complete a project in a weekend.

Follow the CAMP recipe for success - Commit, Apply, Maximize, Participate

Commit - We expect a commitment from you to be a part of the events. As you are a team member, it is highly important that you are present. Everyone on your team is volunteering their time and effort and they are relying on you to be a part of it. While it's realized that not everyone can be there all the time, we do ask that you let your team know well in advance when you will and will not be there.

Apply - Get yourself registered as soon as possible. Volunteers are assigned to teams based on skills and experience. The sooner you are registered and on the list, the better chance of getting on some great projects.

Maximize - Make a difference and maximize your time. The more you apply yourself, the better the results. Make sure you set realistic goals and most of all, have fun!

Participate - Be at the events and through the BGC weekend as much as you are needed. Be a team member and help your team where you can.

What to Know Before You Register

  1. Are you available? - It is imperative that you can be available for the events as you are needed. Do not plan to be a part of BGC this year if you cannot attend.
  2. Pick you place as BGC - Know your skills and how you can apply them. Your teams need what you have to offer - pick your role and make a difference.
  3. Be responsive - The organization of BGC is a large task for our team. We need you to make sure you can be responsive to messages and other requests so that we can make this year a success.


Now that you have reached this point of awareness, it's time to register.

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"When I first learned about the GiveCamp event, I was really excited about the idea. It was a perfect way to give back to the community doing something I already really enjoy doing and am really good at doing. I was amazed at just how large the event really is and all of the volunteer work that goes into it. I left the event on Sunday feeling like I was really a part of something great and that we had all done a lot of good for the community. It's a great feeling and I can't wait to put next year's date on the calendar." - Tom Kreiner

"I thought everything went very smoothly and everyone stayed surprisingly upbeat, considering the lack of sleep! It turned out to be a great experience and invaluable to some nonprofits, I'm sure! Great event!" - Cathy Bearinger